Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gadget dissection at co-op!

Dissecting gadgets at co-op #unschooling

It was lovely to see some new faces at co-op last week.  We all had a great time pulling apart things to see what makes them work. Some of the adults had just as much fun. Who knew destroying things could be so much fun?! You can learn so much when you pull things apart - just ask my toddler ;)

Dissecting a typewriter #eep!

There were type writers, remote control cars, keyboards, heaters, telephones, clocks... all manner of things. All pulled apart enthusiastically. For those too small to join in, there was playdough.

Dissected heater #unschooling

The useful bits from our deconstructive fun, were swept aside for next week when we'll turn them into inventions! Lots of us are looking forward to that.

Wandering through the community garden at co-op #unschooling

After lunch and a play and a warm cuppa, we wandered through the community garden to check out the community beds we have been invited to tend while we wait for our own plot *. We managed to stay until 3.30pm, when the sun dropped down behind the hill and it became a little too chilly for the playground. All in all, a fun day!

If you'd like to come along next week and make an amazing invention, please bring along some bits and pieces you don't need anymore, to add to the left over gadget bits. Some glue, tape, hot glue guns, scissors... anything you think might be useful. All would be appreciated! See you then. xx

There's a working bee at the community garden in a couple of weeks. Please let me know if you're interested and I'll forward the info to you. 

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