Friday, August 17, 2012

Book Week!

Next Tuesday at co-op we are celebrating Children's Book Week. If you feel like it, come along dressed up as a favourite book character and bring along a book you'd like to share with the group. Those who are reading can read to those who aren't quite reading yet... This was one of our most popular activities last year, and a great indoor thing for cooler weather. Perhaps you'd like to bring along a game, activity or food to share from your book? Lets see where the inspiration leads us...

In other news... I'm still collecting names for the Marine Discovery Centre on the 28th. If this date doesn't suit, let me know and we can reschedule for another day later in the year. One family has already expressed a wish to postpone...

Also, Fran has very kindly offered to organise for a wildlife carer to come along and chat to us about what she does... she may even bring a little furry friend along! Stay tuned for more info... xx

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