Friday, June 8, 2012

Hooray for co-op!

Up the tree at Co-op today #tree #unschooling

The Hobart Natural Learners Co-op has been gathering fortnightly for almost eight months now. So far we've felted soap, made kites...



Blown bubbles, shared our favourite stories, visited the beach, gone fruit picking...


Made electronic gadgets, played board games, made musical instruments, face painted, made christmas cards, made masks


Built tents,  visited an observatory, spoken with Aboriginal elders, enjoyed some laughter therapy games, swapped our stuff, made origami and melted beeswax...

co-op pic

And spent countless hours climbing the tree and playing in the playground. The field beside our cottage is a favourite place to run off extra energy after lunch... It seems the opportunities and ideas are limitless if the energy and enthusiasm is there...

Tiny feeling the music at the Natural Learners Co-op today :)

And with all that combined kid energy, we're bound to have many more magical, fun-filled days at co-op.

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