Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Terrariums at co-op

Yesterday was great fun! There was lots of enthusiasm for building terrariums and thankfully just enough moss, dirt, stones and jars so that most people could create something to take home... I think that the creativity was only limited by the number of jars available and the children would have kept making more if we' have provided the jars and moss for them. Perhaps this one will be worth repeating another time...

Building site terrarium

Actually, it looked like so much fun that I brought some moss home to make my own too.

Picnic in a jar

The leftover moss was use to make a rather elaborate gift shop, I'm told. It took much of the afternoon to tend it. In between bursts of tree climbing and lunch, of course... Thanks to all who came. Look forward to next time! x

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  1. Oh, this looks so fun; what a great day you must have all had!