Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wildlife Carers at Co-op!

Tiny wombat at co-op #latergram

Last time at co-op we had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie and Wayne from Southern Wildlife Rescue.  They came and talked to us about all things wildlife. They even brought along a little furry friend or two!

Captivated kids

Everyone was engrossed and entertained by Stephanie and Wayne's engaging presentation and we all learnt so much about our native wildlife. We learnt some amazing facts about what makes our wildlife special. We had a close-up look at wombat poo and a good laugh at some tales of baby wombat antics while patting a gorgeous baby wombat.


Best of all, we learnt how each of us can help our native wildlife if we come across any sick or injured along the roadside or in the bush. We have a checklist now to keep in the glovebox and some activity kits to take home and enjoy as we remember Stephanie and Wayne's words.

Orphaned wildlife at co-op

We were also lucky to see one of our co-op families taking the next step to becoming wildlife carers, bringing in a baby Bennetts Wallaby for us all to see. Thanks so much to Stephanie and Wayne and to Fran for organising for them to come along!

This Tuesday (October 2nd) , we will have YogaBugs along to give us a free trial class. The weather looks to be lovely, so we can do yoga outside, or I've organised for the big hall to be available to us for the class. If we like it, there's an option to make yoga a regular co-op activity. And of course, if your child doesn't feel like participating, that's totally ok. Please feel free to bring along an alternate activity to share with the group if you like!

See you at co-op of Tuesday! xx

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