Monday, October 15, 2012

Bread and Yoga

Serious bread making action at co-op #naturallearners #coop #unschooling #bread
Kneading at co-op #unschooling #bread #coop
Yoga at co-op #yoga #coop #unschooling
Yoga at co-op #yoga #coop #unschooling

Apologies for the lateness of this post! Last fortnight's co-op was small but so much fun! We organised to use the space of the community hall and held a yoga class thanks to Carinda from Yoga Bugs! She took the children (and some adults) on a yoga journey or two with some very imaginative interpretations of traditional yoga poses, while managing to explain the history and relevance of them in a fun and engaging way. The kids were enthralled! We also made the most of having an oven for the afternoon and baked some bread! Lots of fun and yummo too.

Tomorrow we are having a simple play meet with some paper window star folding, possibly some ice cream churning and an outdoor game or two in the open fields. Hope to see you there! xx

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