Monday, March 4, 2013

A little catch up...


Our co-op has been back in full swing this year, after a little break over the summer. Activities since last year have included ice-cream making, using an old wooden churn, Christmas crafts, spy club, art workshops and loads and loads of play in the playground and the open field.


Our meets are now weekly, every Tuesday afternoon from 12pm. The hope is that with continuity, or numbers will grow and a solid group of regulars will form and a strong little community will grow from it. Activities tend to be fairly low-key these days, with families bringing along interesting things for the children to participate in if they like. If a larger venue is required, the main hall is available to us and with this set-up our options are really without limit.

We now have a plot at the local neighbourhood garden, just behind the cottage. We've also started a small book-swap library where we can bring good quality used books that we've finished reading and read them at co-op, or take them home if they are useful or loved. No need to return the book, just replace it with another that you've finished with.

Do pop along and join in the fun. All are welcome and we look forward to spending some time with you!

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